Hi Vis Traffic Difference

Our Difference

The Hi Vis Traffic crews are selected on the basis of their ability to work for a company that is different in its approach to traffic management, with a strong emphasis on Hi Vis Traffic’s role in endeavoring to set a benchmark for Indigenous services to the government and corporate sectors. Staff will be inducted with the relevant and appropriate personal development and training to ensure achievement of a strong brand associated with high-quality service.

Hi Vis Traffic is committed to providing a top-quality traffic management service with a social conscience. We want to make a difference to our community, while ensuring the safety of the public and our employees, and contributing significantly to the ending disparity for Indigenous Australians.

Our work crews are thoroughly trained in the latest traffic management requirements and work safety processes. Your satisfaction is our primary goal. We focus on maintaining the highest standard of services to protect the public’s safety and never compromise on safety and road rules.

Hi Vis Traffic staff are issued with a Code of Conduct and are inducted to ensure a shared understanding of their roles and responsibilities. Each employee receives a copy of The Hi Vis Traffic Team Employee Handbook – a comprehensive document which reinforces this understanding.

Our Commitment

We do not engage sub-contractors, to avoid paying award wages to our crews. Hi Vis Traffic firmly believes in paying its staff according to above-award rates, and is totally against degrading employee conditions and the provision of sub-standard, untrained labour. Unfortunately, the traffic management industry has been tainted by the conduct of unprofessional contractors who operate with unscrupulous methods such as using cheap, untrained, sub-contract labour and cash-in-hand payments. Such methods are designed to increase their profits at the expense of their workers, presenting a massive risk to managers, clients, and the public. Likewise, they put their staff at risk, and, causing them to unwittingly contribute towards serious breaches of legislation. All staff employed by Hi Vis Traffic are directly employed and paid in full accordance to award rates. Our workers are fully covered by workers’ compensation, and Hi Vis Traffic has a comprehensive public liability insurance policy.

As per Main Roads WA requirements, Hi Vis Traffic employees are required at a minimum to be holding the following accreditations :

Basic Worksite Traffic Management (BWTM),
Traffic Control (TC), and
Construction Safety Awareness Training Card (blue card / white card)

Code of Conduct

We want to ensure that our customers are delighted with the quality of service, expertise and results from our organisation. When we accomplish this goal, the company, our employees and society itself will continue to grow and prosper.

As such, we have very high performance expectations of each member of our team. Below is a partial list of the attributes and behaviours we expect from each team member:

  • Focus on safety, performance, productivity and efficiency in all work endeavours.
  • Mutual respect between co-workers, customers and everyone with whom we do business.
  • Consideration of fellow employees, supervisors, subordinates, and co-workers.
  • Work in a manner which keeps both yourself and your co-workers safe.
  • Practice true teamwork and cooperation. Personal problems between employees should not be pursued at work.
  • Maintain cost-consciousness – always consider how to minimise operating costs.
  • Respect company property, using only for business purposes.
    Manage your time responsibly.
  • Be on time to work and contact an owner/manager for absences or lateness.
  • Talk to management about grievance with fellow employees.
    Maintain company equipment; and property in a clean state; replace vacuum bags, clean filters, etc.
  • Keep the workplace clean and clutter free.
  • Respect your time at work: no receiving or making personal phone calls during working hours.
  • Respect the confidentiality of the company and its customers.

Supply Nation and Memberships

100% Indigenous owned business registered with Supply Nation.

Hi Vis Traffic is determined to demonstrate our professional commitment to quality. We are a professional firm in the business of contract traffic management, and will implement continual improvement strategies and partnerships to help us to stay on top of the industry. Information on personnel issues, ways to reduce inefficiencies and costs, and much more is obtained through these strategic partnerships. Our desire to actively gain knowledge and experience give us a competitive edge, so that we can bring you the quality and service that you deserve and expect.

We keep up to date on current traffic management techniques and legislations through our Main Roads WA registrations

Our Mission

To assist the Federal and State Governments of Australia to end disparity, via strengthening partnerships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians through understanding, encouragement and active involvement within the commercial world. This will then lead to the empowerment of Indigenous people through employment.

Our Community Partnerships

  • Binar
  • Noongar Netball
  • Desire to Aspire

Hi Vis Traffic is your ultimate Traffic Management solution for any situation.